A Visit with the McAlister's.......

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Carol and Bill McAlister, Barbara McAlister-Andrews, taken at Barbara's house in Fresno.

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Bill in the driveway of the McAlister ranch.

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The neighbor's animals checking us out.

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Carol, Bill and David Cotton

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The barn, with autographs and memorabilia adorning the walls.

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Bill, in his favorite coaches' barber chair, ringing the bell when it's time to rotate turns on the trampolines.

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Barbara McAlister, on the covers of Life and Sports Illustrated.  Barbara won 7 Senior National Titles,
the 1963 Pan Am Games, and was a 2 time Olympian.

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More of the Barn, with artwork from the kids over the years.

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Jordan Hall, 6 1/2, hanging around in the belt.

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More barn artwork...

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Masters diver Teresa Hall, with youngest son Tyler.  Bill would coach them on Saturdays.

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Tyler Hall, age 3 1/2, saying "Ta-Da!"

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