United States Masters Diving
National and International Championships
Historical Results
Compiled by Frederick M.  Fox
Courtesy of U.S. Masters Diving
Last update:  05/17/2017
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1974 through 1987 Indoor and Outdoor Results (all on 1 file) mdnch1.pdf
1988 through 1992 Indoor and Outdoor Results (all on 1 file) - 1992 is Indoor only on this file. mdnch2.pdf
1992 Outdoor  mdnc92o.pdf
    FINA World Aquatics  mdnc92wc.pdf
     Canadien Summer Games  
1993 Indoor mdnc93i.pdf
    Outdoor mdnc93o.pdf
     Can-Am Championships mdnc93ca.pdf
     5th PAN Pacific Games ppg93.pdf
1994 Indoor mdnc94i.pdf
     Outdoor mdnc94o.pdf
     FINA World Aquatics mdnc94fw.pdf
    Masters World Games mdhr94mg.pdf
1995 Indoor mdhr95i.pdf
     Outdoor mdhr950.pdf
1996 Indoor mdhr96i.pdf
    Outdoor mdhr96o.pdf
     FINA World Aquatics mdhr96fw.pdf
1997 Indoor mdhr97i.pdf
     Outdoor mdhr97o.pdf
1998 Indoor mdhr98i.pdf
     Outdoor mdhr98o.pdf
     FINA World Aquatics mdfwa98.pdf
    Masters World Games mdmwg98.pdf
1999 Indoor mdhr99i.pdf
     Outdoor mdhr99o.pdf
2000 Indoor mdhr00i.pdf
    Outdoor mdhrooo.pdf
     FINA World Aquatics wma2000.pdf
2001 Indoor mdhr01i.pdf
     Outdoor mdhr01o.pdf
2002 Indoor md2002i.pdf
     Outdoor md2002o.pdf
     FINA World Aquatics WMA2002.pdf
    Masters World Games wmg2002.pdf
MDDI Supplement mddi.pdf
MDDI 2002 Supplement mddi02.pdf
Masters Diving Data Document Supplement 2002 (New Divers) mdddsup.pdf
2003 Indoor md2003i.pdf
     Outdoor md2003O.pdf
Masters Diving Data Document 03mdsup.pdf
Supplement 2003 (New Divers)
2004 Indoor md2004i.pdf
     FINA World Championships - Riccione wma2004.pdf
    Outdoor md2004o.pdf
Masters Diving Data Document 04mdsup.pdf
Supplement 2004
MDDI Supplement 2004 mddi04.pdf
2005 Indoor md2005i.pdf
MDDI Supplement 2005 2005MDDISUPP.pdf
     Masters World Games wmg2005.pdf
     Outdoor 2005MVOutdoors.pdf
2006 Indoor 2006DALIndoors.pdf
     Outdoor 2006RoseBowlOutdoors.pdf
     XI FINA World Masters Championships 2006FINA WMA.pdf
MDDI Supplement 2006 2006 MDDD SUPP.pdf
2007 Miami Indoor 2007 Miami Indoors.pdf
     Long Island Outdoor 2007Long Island Outdoors.pdf
2008 Tenn Indoor 2008 Tenn Indoors.pdf
     Woodlands Outdoor 2008 Woodlands Outdoors.pdf
    XII FINA World 2008FINA WMA.pdf
     Masters Championships
Masters Diving Data Document 08 mddd08.pdf
2009 Tucson Indoor 2009 Tucson Indoors.pdf
     Bloomington Outdoor 2009 Bloomington Outdoors .pdf
     Sydney World Masters Games 2009WMG.pdf
2010 Spring Indoor - Athens, GA 2010 GA Indoors.pdf
MDDI Supplement 2009 2009_MDDD_SUPP.pdf
    XIIIth FINA World Masters Championships 2010 FINA WMA.pdf
     SummerOutdoor - UCLA 2010 UCLA Outdoors.pdf
MDDI Supplement 2010 2010 MDDD Supp.pdf
Table of Contents/Index/Performance Award Winners/List of National and Word Records CVR10.pdf
Historical Results, 2010 page 1-1(b) update MDNCHRpage1.pdf
2011 Florida Indoor 2011 FL Indoors _3_.pdf
     Oklahoma Outdoors 2011 OKC Outdoors _2_.pdf
MDDI Supplement 2011 2011 MDDD Supp.pdf
2011 MDNCHR page 1 2011MDNCHRpage1.pdf
Table of Contents/Index/Performance Award Winners/List of National and Word Records CVR11.pdf
Masters Diving Data Document - Full Updated Index Through 2011 mddd11(1).pdf
2012 NC Indoors 2012 NC Indoors.pdf
2012 Riverside Outdoors 2012 Riverside Outdoors.pdf
2012 FINA World Masters Championships - Riccione, Italy 2012FINAWMA.pdf
2012 MDNCHR page 1 2012MDNCHRpage1.pdf
Table of Contents/Index/Performance Award Winners/List of National and World Records CVR12.pdf
Masters Diving Data Document - Full Updated Index Through 2012 mddd12.pdf
Masters Diving Data Document - 2012 2012MDDD.pdf
2013 Colorado Springs, CO - Spring Meet Colorado Springs
5th Pan Am Masters - Key Largo, FL Key Largo
2013 Ann Arbor, MI - Summer Meet AnnArbor
2013 MDNCHR page 1 2013MDNCHRpage1.pdf
Table of Contents/Index/Performance Award Winners/List of National and World Records CRV13.pdf
Masters Diving Data Document - 2013 Supplement 2013 MDDD Supp-10.pdf
2014 San Antonio, TX - Spring Meet 2014SpringChampionshipsSanAntonioTX.pdf
2014 Rutgers Univ. (NJ) - Summer Meet 2014SummerChampionshipsRutgers.pdf
2014 15th FINA World Masters Championships 2014FINAWMAFinal.pdf
2014 MDNCHR page 1 2014MDNCHRpage1.pdf
Table of Contents/Index/Performance Award Winners/List of National and World Records CVR14.pdf
Masters Diving Data Document - 2014 Supplement 2014MDDDSupp.pdf
2014 Pan Pacific Masters Games 2014PanPacificResults.pdf
2015 Stanford Univ. (CA) - Spring Meet 2015SpringChampionshipsStanford.pdf
2015 - 16th FINA World Masters Aquatic Champ. Kazan, Russia 2015FINAKazanMasters.pdf
2015 - 6th PAN AM Masters Aquatic Champ. Medellin, Columbia 6thPanAmMasters2015.pdf
2015 - Columbia, MO - Summer Meet 2015SummerChampColumbiaMO.pdf
Masters Diving Data Document - 2015 Supplement 2015MDDDSupp.pdf
2015 MDNCHR page 1 thru 1-b 2015MDNCHRpage1.pdf
Masters Diving Data Document - 2015 2015MDDD.pdf
Table of Contents/Index/Performance Award Winners/List of National and World Records CVR15.pdf
2016 - Orlando, FL - Spring Meet (Indoors) 2016 Orlando Indoors.pdf
2016 - Greensboro, NC - Summer Meet (Outdoors) 2016NorthCarolinaOutdoors.pdf
2017 - Cleveland, OH - Spring Meet (Indoors) 2017ClevelandIndoors.pdf
Compiled by Catherine Capelle/Alex Lapidus:  
List of 2007-2009 All Americans  
List of 2006 USAD All Americans  
List of 2005 USAD All Americans