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Subject:                                     Dive Info 14/2012  (ISHOF induction of Eldon)

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Subject: ISHOF induction of Eldon Godfrey




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      Eldon Godfrey




Dear friends,


In connection with the FINA/USA Diving Grand Prix in Fort Lauderdale a very important diving profile will be recognized by the Swimming Hall of Fame (ISHOF) at a banquet on May 12.


Our beloved former FINA TDC  Secretary and Vice Chairman and FINA Bureau Liaison for Diving Eldon Godfrey, CAN, will be inducted to the Swimming Hall of Fame. Eldon has served our sport for forty years. One of his first contributions was when he  – together with his wonderful wife Carlie Jean – in 1973 started the Univerisity of Calgary Diving Club where he  became the President. He then continued as President for Dive Canada, as President for the Aquatic Federation of Canada and as President for UANA (Amateur Swimming Union of the Americas). He is now a FINA Bureau Honorary Member. Eldon has already been inducted to the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame and to Canada’s Olympic Hall of Fame


Eldon is only sorry for one thing: He has failed in converting all divers to golf, the sport where he was a very succesful player.


In you want to please him and convert, contact