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1/13/1925 - 4/18/2012




From Meg Keller Marvin 


Thank you to all of you who left a post. Especially the wonderful things you said about my Dad. I'm so


glad so many people knew how special he was. I'm touched at the responses. My family and I thank you.

We may do a little something in May during the honoree and Diving Grand Prix weekend. I think we will


also scatter his ashes off Fort Lauderdale Beach in front of ISHOF so he can always keep watch over ISHOF


and be in his other favorite place,  the ocean. 

Will keep you posted. Thanks again friends and family, Love, Meg and family.



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From Peter Xiques



Ted Keller was a wonderful human being; kind, considerate, and caring of his fellow man.  He was a hell of a coach whose


 workout sessions were always a blast because he was incredibly supportive to the divers he coached.  He created


 beautiful award certificates for service performed for the Hall of Fame and had an artistic style that was


 beautiful and unique, very much like Ted Keller himself.  I am so thankful to God that I knew him.  I shall miss him.



Peter Xiques


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From Joel O'Connell


Ted Keller was a great man and one heck of an artist.  I believe he did all the diving and swimming characters painted on


 the walls at the ISHOF.


I was a young diver in Ft. Lauderdale and would run into him all the time at the old Casino Pool and he would dive too and


 was very kind to all us young whipper snappers


Time slips by but sweet memories stay with us forever


If there is a guest book for us to remember him in, please pass on the information.


Regards, Joel



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