Diving Art

Do you have anything to contribute?  If so, please send toted@mastersdiving.org

Bob Davis, one of our Masters Divers, has the following items of artwork that he would like to make available to the diving community.  The artwork shown below is copyrighted by Bob Davis and may be used freely for web pages, t-shirts, brochures, etc. so long as the artwork is not used in bad taste or the artwork in and by itself is not sold to others.   If you use any of Bob's artwork for t-shirts, his only request for letting you use his artwork is that you send him a t-shirt in a size large.  If you would like more details on Bob's copyright and your permission to use Bob's art, please contact him directly.  You can contact Bob Davis at:  finpeople@access1.net  (hopefully this is still a good address - it was in 1999)

Most of the images are thumbnails.  Click on the image to get the large view before downloading.  To download (from larger view), click with your right mouse button.

back dive copy.JPG (252374 bytes) Pikesand.JPG (20932 bytes)

divingfile.jpg (74941 bytes)
hawaiicopyfulcolr copy.JPG (95228 bytes)
twist1.jpg (52862 bytes)

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