Photos at the June 2004

Olympic Trials

From Catherine Capelle

Catherine’s Diving Fairy Tale Come True . . . (see it below the photos)

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Catherine’s Diving Fairy Tale Come True . . .

Once upon a time in hot and muggy Saint Peters, Missouri, fifty-year old Catherine Capelle attended her first Olympic Trials. Upon arrival and check-in at the Holiday Inn Select, she turned around and there were Laura Wilkinson and her family. Laura is far prettier in person than on television. Catherine ran to her car to get her camera and USA Diving Magazine for photos and autographs. After completing check-in, right behind her were Troy and Justin Dumais. Of course, more autographs and photos were taken.

Bonnie & Catherine were ingratiated into the Dumais family. The parents, Kathy & Mark Dumais gave them t-shirts and they sat with their family during their sons’ events. Fortunately, Justin & Troy will be going to the Olympics in Athens. Catherine plans to have one of the family photographs blown up and laminated so they can have their family with them in Athens. It will probably cost the Dumais over $50K for the four of them to attend the Olympics!

Photographs and autographs were also obtained from: Sammy Lee, who will be 84 this year, Micki King 1968-1972, Bob Clotworthy 1952-1956, Wendy Williams 1988, Matt Scoggin 1992, Tim Moore 1976, Thomas Finchum, Ron Obrien, Dick Kimball, Bob Webster 1960-1964, Sara Hildebrand, Mark Ruiz, and Kimiko Soldati. One day all of the living Olympic divers were introduced as they marched in – It was way cool!

There were many other Masters Divers from our big extended, happy family in attendance: Ron Kontura, Fred Fox, Jay & Gina, Richard & Joyce, Mitzi, Betty, Cissy, Amy, Brooke, Harry, Joan and her family, Deborah, etc. Dapper Tom Hairabedian played the harmonica before one of the events.

 Jay said that Catherine was star-struck, which was absolutely correct. It was better than going to the Oscars for her. She had never met or seen any of these divers, people, or Olympians in person.

 Talk about kismet – Catherine ran into her great coach, Steve Vollemecke at a Chili’s restaurant. Steve and his other excellent coaches (for the last four years) from Dive Cincinnati: Lori Rapp, Ian Hershey, are responsible for making Catherine the best diver she’s ever been. And Catherine dove and lived happily ever after . . .

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